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Advocating for Yourself During Pregnancy with Gaby Israel Grinberg (Part 1)

Episode Summary

This week on The Healthy Balanced Birth and Beyond Podcast, I'm chatting with Gaby Israel Grinberg. When I first received an email from Gaby, I knew that her story was one that needed to be shared. Not only is it an emotional one, but it's an incredibly inspiring one as well. So much so, that we could not fit it into just one episode, so we broke it up into two parts. On today's episode, Gaby begins to share her own personal experience with us. She shares her journey to conceive and bits and pieces of her pregnancy, which ultimately lead to the early and unexpected arrival of her daughter, Lana. Lana is the second smallest micro-premies who was born and survived, weighing 11 oz. This episode takes you on quite the emotional roller coaster!

Episode Notes

Gaby is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Proofprint Marketing. She started her career in her beloved Boston, after graduating from Boston University with a degree in communication. She honed her marketing and creative skills at a multi-cultural advertising agency in the client services side of the business. She delved into digital very early in her career and never looked back (though she does have a sentimental place in her heart for anything printed). Her love of writing led her down a path of content development and ultimately to social media marketing. After moving to Minneapolis in 2010, she continued honing her digital chops and worked in various agencies and in-house teams, including Sleep Number and Target.

Gaby heads up the Client Services and Performance Content teams, and also supports New Business Development and marketing for the agency. She is the unofficial CMO and CCO (Chief Culture Officer) of Proofpoint. She is also officially and affectionately known as the “Breaker of Bottlenecks.”

While not at work, Gaby enjoys working out, creating photo books, consuming anything related to design and home decor, gardening, spending time with friends and family, and adores being a mom to Lana Rose. In her spare time, she also volunteers with the March of Dimes and is active in the prematurity community in the Twin Cities. One day, she plans to pen a children’s book inspired by the family’s journey with prematurity.