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Working through Trauma to have a Positive Birth Experience with Justine Leach

Episode Summary

This week, I’m chatting with my brilliant friend, Justine Leach. We discuss trauma, how it can impact your life, and in turn, your birth experience if it goes unaddressed. Justine shares some of the questions she asks while working with clients and also provides us with some tools we can utilize to help prevent birth trauma.

Episode Notes

Justine Leach is a childbirth educator and advocate for trauma-informed care. She left academia to co-found Resilient Birth after the birth of her two children made her realize the impact of past experiences on childbirth and the importance of attending to the emotional journey to parenthood. She believes that wherever and however you choose to give birth it's important to feel seen, heard, and in control of the decisions you make about your care. She works with survivors of trauma and expectant parents who have a lot of anxiety about birth to help them work out what they need to feel safe and supported in childbirth, and she trains perinatal professionals in trauma-informed care.




Childbirth Education (next 6 week class starts Aug 5):

How To Have A Good Birth Workshop: Emotional Preparation for a Positive Birth Experience (2 session workshop starting June 24):

Birth Support Planning (private consultations for expectant parents experiencing anxiety about birth or with a history of trauma):